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Original Aion on GameCoast

We provide retail platform: if you're moving from official servers - there's no difference in gameplay. If you value fully developed game with no bugs and problems you'll like it here.

Retail platform used on official servers,
pristine gameplay no different than on official servers

Unique game seasons system!

Minimal shop
and char boosters
. Fight to win, not pay for it.

Internal changes  We tweak our games to make game better for everyone.

Играй бесплатно
в обновленную Lineage 2

8 сбалансированных архетипов, две новые расы, аукцион, офлайн-прокачка в тренировочном лагере — все это в современной версии Lineage 2.

Races and classes

Choose your race and fight for your people

Eternal battle between Elyos, Asmodea and Balaurs is raging with some all-new classes. Choose from 11 unique archetypes and slay your enemies in your own style.

11 classes for any taste:

  • Templar

  • Gladiator

  • Assassin

  • Ranger

  • Sorcerer

  • Spiritmaster

  • Cleric

  • Chanter

  • Bard

  • Sniper

  • Pilot

7 рас и 8 основных архетипов

Идеальный баланс 37 классов, сведенных к 8 мощным архетипам, и 2 абсолютно новые расы в обновленной версии Lineage 2.


Unique game seasons system!

Join many of PvP activities and prove you're the best on your favorite game mode.

Unique seasonal GP system. We strive for our ratings to be very dynamic

Conquer Golden arena, KOR tournaments and win title of the Best warrior.

Join forces with a friend in a new 2x2 Golden arena game mode.

Own the game

Here on GameCoast we change games to make them better and we always ask you for advice. Change the game with us!

Ускоренная прокачка и Тренировочный лагерь

Нет времени смаковать каждый уровень? Играя в обновленную версию, ты быстро доберешься до всего самого интересного!

Races and classes
Your Saga

You own Saga

Dive head-first into the story of your character and help him or her to regain lost memories. Who knows what secrets will be revealed?

Aion offers intriguing and colorful story with brasque characters, voiced dialogs and cinematics cuts. Join the fight for your people and unveil the mystery of your lineage. Change the world along with your friends: hunt monsters, slay bosses and beat the balaurs into their place. In Aion all your actions are part of your story. Get to write it now!

Игровой аукцион и Алхимия

Крафти любым классом. Получай новые предметы, используя Алхимию. Легко продавай товар с помощью игрового аукциона!

Mass PvP, Arenas

Mass PvP, Solo Hunt, Arenas and more

In this most recent update there are more than a few ways to fight players. New Golden Arena will bring ranked solo combat out. Have you got what it takes to reach the top?

Your legion can participate in a battle for unqie fortresses of Pangea among everyong - even among your own race. Conquer them and get unique bonses!

Golden Arena
New ranked arena will let you show your skills in a 32-person clash to death in 1 on 1 matches. Beat them all and become a champion.

Even more PvP
Reworked Abyss is here. New monsters and rules allow for high-end players to join the fight and reap the rewards. Abyss is desired place for own a fortress in again! More fun and PvP are waiting for you.

Межсерверные осады

Участвуй в Осадах Иного Измерения, чтобы доказать свое превосходство не только на сервере, но и далеко за его пределами.

Your Saga